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Shuttle Coaster

NASC (Non-Articulating Shuttle Coaster)

  • Ratcheting Restraints

  • Steel Chassis

  • Dynamic Bogie Design

  • Smooth Ride

  • Harness Monitoring

The Shuttle Coaster is designed for operation on a standard wooden track gauge that can be erected almost anywhere. Unlike a typical coaster, this ride does not complete a full circuit, it must be returned to an elevated station. Seats 2 riders per coach, depending on the track layout and profiling, more can be added. 

Our shuttle coaster train features sensors in the harness that communicate with a PLC to display important information, like the verification and dispatch intervals. 

The guide and safety wheels are configured in such a way that tension is automatically applied throughout the train layout. Large urethane wheels and cushioning on the bogie mount provide an incredibly smooth ride. 

Special "ratchet fingers" fall into place on a slotted cam shaft to ensure the lap bar cannot be released until the unlocking lever is pressed by an operator. 2 fingers are provided for redundancy, as well as a retracting seat belt.  


Top speed: 30mph

Max height: 20ft

Weight: 700lbs empty

This model is also available in a full articulation version (for curved track) as well as a launched configuration. 

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