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Engineering Plans


Colorado Animatronics strives to be the best entertainment engineering company in the market. We deliver great animatronics and engineering services at competitive prices. Our team is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that fit our client's unique needs while providing excellent after-sale customer service and support. 



Animatronic Head Model 10

Modular "Pizza Restaurant" animated head. This plastic build design is intended for consumer applications. Excellent at teaching youngsters pneumatic basics. 



Cyberamic Model 10

This classic "Pizza Restaurant" inspired design is twice as big as the AH-10. Larger parts and plastic build make this affordable consumer-grade animatronic easy to assemble. 



Cyberamic Model 100

Our exact 1:1 Cyberamic is a true workhorse. The steel construction and decades-old design have proven to be dependable and low maintenance. Whether for business or pleasure, this animatronic is a wise investment in quality and durability. Compatible spare parts are available.


Standard Character

Our standard animated figure is a game changer. With advanced movements that create a truly lifelike experience for your audience, this full-body character is the perfect choice for your next project. Its humanoid outline makes it one of the most versatile animatronics on the market, and at a price you won't get anywhere else. Work with our team to create custom designed cosmetics or choose from our range of pre-designed costumes. 

Bird full 2.png

Tiki Bird 

Our classic Tiki Bird design is extremely low maintenance, and affordable. Its small profile is perfect for restaurants or shops. Cosmetics are available. 


Splinter Coaster

Wooden rollercoaster system with a 2-5 car train with ratcheting lap bar harnesses. Fail-safe pneumatic brakes and anti-rollback system ensure rider safety.  

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