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Build your very own animatronic with the AH-10 Pneumatic Kit! Program your animatronic to any music with the provided controller.


Over 20 joints and connection slots engineered right into the frame. Easily attach parts and complete repairs using our new module technology.


The AH-10 Pneumatic Kit comes with the frame, Controller, Valves, tubing, flows, electronics, hardware, cylinders, teflon tape, the manual and much more. This kit comes with a lot, but you’ll still need to provide an air compressor, an air hose with a female quick connect fitting  and a computer with Windows 7 or 10 installed.


The manual gives you easy to follow steps for things like the pneumatic assembly, animatronic head assembly, software installation and setup, and a step by step guide to how to program. This kit runs off the Vixen Lights software. The animatronic kit comes with the 2 pneumatic movements: mouth and eyelids. This is the perfect kit for beginners or experienced animatronic enthusiast alike.



x1 Vertical Piece

x1 Horizontal Piece

x1 Front Piece

x2 Eyeballs

x2 Eyelids

x1 Eyelid Mech Connection Bar

x1 Mouth Lever

x1 Mounting Stand

x1 Mouth Cylinder 

x1 Eyelid Cylinder

x8 Inline Flow Control Valves

x1 Controller 

x1 USB to Controller Programming Cable

x1 Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Bank

x1 Roll of Teflon Tape

x1 Roll of Air Tubing

x1 Hardware Package


Manual is available for download online.

AH-10 Pneumatic Kit

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