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C100 (Cyberamic series 100)


  • Support for cosmetics pieces. All dimensions and mounting hole sizes are accurate. 

  • Detailed maintenance manual with technical drawings for reference. We have included maintenance schedule and wear parts for your designated staff. For the best performance and long life of the animatronic a preventive maintenance program should be carried out.  

  • Extensive after-sales service. Our company is dedicated to providing the best experience for those who work on our designs. We have a large inventory and most parts can be shipped same day. This reduces your downtime and improved guest experience. 


Information Regarding Shipment and Installation:

Our Cyberamic comes preassembled, some parts may be separated for shipping. We ship 1-3 days after payment. Some airline work may need to be done. We recommend a technically competent and qualified person installs the animatronic. 

Additionally, you may want to hire/consult with a company to:

  • Install compressed air system

  • Install a animatronic control system 

  • Install sound and light system

  • Design and construct a stage/platform

  • Provide costume pieces

  • Produce show audio

Technical Information:

Operating Pressure: ~30-90 PSI

Weight: 75 LBS

Movements: 6

Solenoid Valves: 8 (5-way)

Solenoid Valve Voltage (choose): 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC


Upcoming Product!​

This model is a combination of the best mechanisms from all original Cyberamic models. 

Improved Design: We have adjusted numerous aspects of the original Cyberamic designs to improve manufacturability and reliability. Our Cyberamic is built with currently accessible and cost-effective parts that can be replaced quickly. Ultimately, this lowers the unit cost and provides a better after sale experience for the buyer. 


Some revisions we made include:​​

  • Increased steel gauge (thickness) on almost all parts. 

  • Added additional degrees of rotation to some joints to eliminate stress and binding issues.  

  • Added rebuildable cylinders (brass construction) to most movements. 

  • Replaced rivets for bolts on the fingers. Fingers will now stay in place.

  • Added numerous bushings. 

  • Added numerous spacer rings and thrust bushings to joints to eliminate play.

  • Added FRL unit (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) to pneumatic system. 

  • Added inline flow control valves.

  • Barb fittings are used on the entire pneumatic system. 

  • Added housing to FRL and solenoid valves. Can be installed in a desirable location. 

  • Head/Body turn mechanism will wear on a brass piece that can be replaced. 



At this time we do not have a price or release date for this product. Please stay tuned for more information. This product is intended for daily and continuous operation in a business environment. As such, the final price may reflect this.


We understand the excitement in the animatronic community for this product and recommend only technically competent individuals purchase. Normal and conventional technical maintenance instructions are not described/provided, but still must be performed to keep the animatronic in proper working order. 

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