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Colorado Animatronics, LLC
Consulting Engineers

We engineer and manufacture exceptional animatronic systems and characters. Our team of skilled engineers brings ideas to life. From designing and fabricating animatronic creatures to creating lifelike movements, we are dedicated to delivering products that captivate and amaze. 


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Custom Animatronic Figures

Allow our team to collaborate closely with your company. Whether you opt for one of our pre-existing character base models or require a design tailored to your requirements, our animatronics are gaurenteed to captive audiences and demand minimal maintenance.   

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Themed Entertainment

We specialize in animatronic, show, and ride control technology. From crafting enchanting environments to designing captivating character interactions, we specialize in creating lasting impressions in those who view any of our hundreds of animatronics around the globe. 


Animatronic Restorations

Our restoration team is known for its work on restoring dozens of pizza restaurant animatronics. We offer complete cosmetic overhauls, pneumatic replacements, and latex/fiberglass work. 

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